Index over fjord-horse photos from around the world.

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Photos taken when Inger visited USA with an Norwegian judge-group.

The real family horse.

Friends taking a nap together. Libby.

Fjord marketing in Libby.

Six in hand in the parade in Libby.

The real versatile horse.

Gale Ware, Riddle Ranch showing up.

Beautiful pairs.


Pure happiness.

Class-winner Pam McWethy in Woodstock.


35 in hand.

35 years anniversary in



Anders Lefdals fjord-horse-cirkus


Inger on

"klövje" - clinic in Norway

Fjord-race at Nordfjordeid

Our Njål at Gardemoen airport

bound for New York

Can anyone tell me how to fasten my seatbelt ?

New York here I come !

Transport of the Viking-ship

to the ocean with help from fjordhorses.

Swedish Fjord-pair winner

at Starum in Norway


Over 60 Fjord-horse-people from Norway came to visit the "Legend" Ernarson

Erik Utheim from America taking some driving lessons when passing Sweden

The Swedish King and Queen

travelling in accordance with

their position.
Till Startsidan Till Startsida Häst Till Startsida Familj